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Amity Technopolis is putting a Creative Sign in DOOH market. Digital Advertising is an emerging market and very soon it will replace the static advertisement. The role of advertisement is very big and Digital Dynamic Signage will become unmatched very soon. Dynamic Signage can popularize your brand in the market.

Digital India!
India is digital now. Our country is moving towards reduced usage of money. Re-monetization will make India fully capable to become “Digital India”. The spending cycle is getting ready to steadfast the overall growth of all industries. Companies have huge advertisement budget every year and in the long run by properly deploying that, such spending will turn highly benificial to increase the sales. it is highly beneficial to increase the sales. Apart from that, advertisement plays a very big role in the overall growth process of any company and industry.

OOH Advertisement Network

The Future of Advertising
OOH is felt in big cities of India and grows in a correlated manner with the other growing Industries. Today, wherever you walk, you can see Billboards and Kiosks. Electronic Outdoor Signs are becoming commonplace. This itself speaks that OOH indeed is seeing a boom.

As disposable income in the hands of Indians across the nation is rising, companies need to keep up with the demands and tastes of the discerning consumer. Electronic Bill Boards play a major role in the spending patterns in the vicinity of it and also with those who pass by.

OOH is standing on the brink of a Golden Age- Digital India.

......................every year and in the long run.
Tariff Cards


    • HDFC (Thrissur Sornur Road br.)
      • A/C NO : 50200020117804
      • IFSC Code: HDFC0001259
      • MICR Code: 680240007

      • A/C NO :0720201003038
      • IFSC Code: CNRB0000720
      • MICR Code: 680015002

    • Paytm


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