What is DDS?
Digital Dynamic Signage emerging industry is fast approaching ubiquity in our everyday life. DDS is the latest emerging technology that has taken the consumer’s world by storm. Scala InfoChannel is at the forefront of the high-impact medium of digital dynamic signage, also known as Retail TV, Electronic Billboards, Dynamic Digital Signs, Narrowcasting, Datacasting, Electronic Display Networks, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, or Digital Media Networks. No matter your needs, Scala has the Digital Signage Software that will bring your digital signs to life.

The days of providing static content are behind us. DDS has greater message impact by using full-motion, full-color video. Ability to change the message faster, more easily and less expensively compared with replacing printed signage. Ability to trigger messages based on time of the day, day of week - even event parameters. Ability to provide regional, local and even site-specific content efficiently and inexpensively.

Advantages of DDS
A Dynamic Sign is a display device which is used as an        in-store sign to present constantly changing, computer generated, full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. Display devices like Plasma, LCD Monitors etc can be used. The advantages of Digital Signage include the rapid ability to update content, and the ability to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations. Digital signage is helping to merge the   industries of advertising networks and point of purchase display merchandising

Cost and Time Savings
Because we eliminate the need to print and distribute static signs every time we change our message or campaign, we save on printing costs and processing time. What we will have is instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content.

Make Money for a Change
We can turn our Digital Signage Network into a profit center by selling advertising time to our suppliers. Best of all, this service can be offered to more advertisers than ever possible with static advertising with less clutter and waste! Which helps in achieving the ROI.

A Digital Signage has the stopping power to get our customers' attention. Once we have commanded their attention, we have an opportunity to influence their buying decisions.


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