Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. What is Digital Dynamic Signage?

Constant Communication To Consumer And Corporate Customers.
Dynamic Signs are display devices such as e-Display screens or hanging TV monitors used to communicate to people located nearby. DMS software is uniquely suited to manage a large number of display devices located around the country or world. Dynamic signage networks are used for consumer advertising near their point of purchase. Dynamic signage is also used for corporate communication when companies need to communicate to their entire workforce & supply-chain in a fashion faster and more pervasive than even email.

Q2. Why Dynamic Digital Signage?

We are often asked "why DMS?" The answer is usually that DMS is one of the few viable alternatives to video production. If you bracket dynamic visual communication with traditional television video production at one end, and advanced interactive multimedia authorware at the other end, then DMS lands somewhere in the middle. DMS producers need not be video producers or computer programmers. Instead, they are expected to be reasonably competent graphic artists with a sense of timing and transitions. The resulting DMS visual creations are dynamic and effective alternatives to video production and complicated programming. DMS is perfect for the emerging field of digital dynamic signage based around advertising and e-Display screens.

Q3. Why Is Choosing The Right Software Important For Digital Signage?
e-Display Screens Are Infiltrating Every Nook And Cranny.
Flat panel displays are infiltrating every part of our lives, from automatic teller machines (ATMs), to shopping carts, to shopping malls. Everywhere you look, there they are. Through these new public venues, spam will reach new frontiers, and soon, every nook and cranny of eyeball space will be filled. Only visual pollution laws, and good taste will be able to stop it.

The Internet was only the beginning. Enter the Outernet.

Create New Sources Of Revenue.
Get on the bandwagon now by joining DMS. We will provide the expert advice you need to combine the 3 major components of any successful digital signage installation: networking, hardware and software. Doing digital signage installations gets cheaper and easier every day. Convert the space you control into new sources of revenue.

Don't let someone else steal this revenue by "offsetting" your startup costs and owning the network themselves. Maintain ownership because it won't be long before it pays back the outlay cost through either ad revenue or incremental operating efficiencies.

The Pain Of Choosing The Wrong Software.
Deliver highly targeted and scheduled advertising messages. This is the Holy Grail of digital signage -- and exactly what you will be shutting yourself out of if you choose the wrong software.

Here is what happens when you choose the wrong software piece of the equation: the first deployment goes great. Your video production staff produced some kick-butt content. It was delivered as compressed digital video to a low cost dedicated player unit such as a digital VCR or MPEG brick. Everything went great, so you scale your network up to 100 sites.

Get Stuck Producing Video At $5000 A Minute.
People start asking "can I do this?" or "can I do that?" Your answer is "yes we can, but here's how much it is going to cost..."

"First we have to do video production at $5000 a minute. Or we have to hire animation artists at $125 an hour. Next, we need to figure out how to make each site play a different targeted message. Can each player play a different MPEG? Maybe. Maybe not. How about scheduling? Can we schedule our programming to play one way during the day for the senior citizens, and another way later in the day for the students? We want to affect buying behavior, after all."

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