For touch screens from 12" to 120"

NextWindow is a leading designer and developer of optical touch screens. NextWindow manufactures touch sensitive overlays for existing LCD or plasma displays, and also OEM touch assemblies for integration into manufacturers' display models.

NextWindow's touch screen technology is used by leading companies around the world and across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, tourism, retail, real estate and public information. Major applications include digital signage, directory information and way finding, wildlife exhibits, retail displays, digital whiteboards, interactive education, trade shows, real estate advertising, exhibitions, and many more.

  Small LCD touch screens
  Large plasma touch screens
  Interactive whiteboards
  Information kiosks

Digital Signage

Interactive digital signs attract customers' attention and provide dynamic and highly effective displays.
Digital signs combine high-impact, dynamic displays with interactive content.
Customers can browse through the topics on offer by selecting directly on the large, vibrant display screen. Limited only by the creativity of the software, digital signage is an exciting form of advertising that far surpasses the capability of static displays.

Suitable Products
2400 Series Touch Screen Overlay
2101 Interactive Touch Frame
1900 Touch Assembly

NextWindow's optical touch technology is used to create interactive digital signs for a wide range of advertising purposes world-wide.
Digital signage can be centrally controlled, providing great flexibility and speed of update for target-driven advertising.

NextWindow Touch Screen Products Overview

NextWindow manufactures a range of touch screen products to suit all types of applications from small touch screen monitors, to large interactive LCD or plasma touch screens, to very large projected-image touch solutions.
The range of products falls into two main categories:

 Optical touch assemblies for integration into OEM displays.

Interactive touch panel overlays that touch-enable existing LCD or plasma screens.

For a summary of product sizes, communications interfaces, and software available.
All products incorporate NextWindow's leading-edge optical touch screen technology.

 NextWindow 1900


1900 OEM Touch Assembly

 Ultra-slim (3.2 mm plus glass) computer touch technology for integration into displays from 15" to 32"

Passive border technology with very low power consumption and high reliability

Simple integration of complete touch assembly into OEM bezel

Easy to connect, HID-compliant USB for power and communications



NextWindow 2400 Interactive Touch Panel


2400 Series Touch Screen Overlay

 Retrofit touch overlay for standard LCD or plasma display from 23" to 65"

Serial interface or USB plug-and-play (no special software drivers required)

Ideal for digital signage, directory and way finding kiosks, and interactive education touch screens



2101 integrated touch frame


2101 Integrated Touch Frame

 Optical touch screen technology for OEM and display manufacturers. Low profile frame (9 mm plus glass) for integration into touch screens from 30" to 46"

Fits beneath the bezel or fascia of most large LCD or plasma displays

USB plug-and-play (no special software drivers required)



NextWindow 2800 touch Panel Overlay


2800 Rugged Integrated Touch Panel

 Integrates into manufacturers' public information displays

Rugged, stainless steel construction for demanding environments

Designed to be sealed into the manufacturer's cabinet



Interactive Whiteboard


2900 Interactive Whiteboard Kit

 Touch enables any flat surface—glass or whiteboard material

Can create very large touch screens (up to 120")

Can be used with front or rear projection touch screen applications

You can operate interactive software with any method—finger, stylus or any pointer



 Through glass touch sensitive display


Special Through Glass and Touch Kiosk Solutions
NextWindow manufactures special through-glass touch screen and custom kiosk solutions.
Note: because these products require significant on-site installation by qualified staff, the products are only available in New Zealand and Australia, and for orders of more than 20 units.

 Touch screen kiosk solutions

Through-glass solutions.



NextWindow Video


Promotional Video - Touch Screen Demonstration

NextWindow promotional video (43 seconds)
Right-click the following link to download or run the file.
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NextWindow Touch Screen Technology - Benefits

Optical Imaging Technology - a Revolution in Touch Design
NextWindow's optical imaging technology is both streamlined and simple. As a result, computer touch can be incorporated for a very low unit cost into almost any electronic device that uses a flat screen. NextWindow's optical technology is universally applicable and uniquely scaleable - enabling touch screen applications from 12" to 120".

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their customer solutions by incorporating additional functionality - NextWindow's interactive touch technology provides a capability far beyond that of static display screens.
Here are some of the benefits of optical touch technology:

NextWindow's new touch solutions do not require special software drivers; they incorporate HID compliant USB plug-and-play interfaces.

High Clarity of Image
NextWindow's technology uses optical components. No surface coatings are used on the screens - hence images are kept crystal clear.

Light Touch
Any method can be used to touch the screen: a finger, a gloved hand or any pointer. No pressure is required.

Whole Screen Coverage
NextWindow's optical imaging technology provides touch sensitivity over the whole screen, including the corners. With over 400,000 touch points, accuracy is guaranteed.

Once-only Calibration
NextWindow's touch screens are calibrated just once at commissioning time. The technology provides continuous operation with no drift, no need to recalibrate.

Because NextWindow's solutions don't employ surface coatings, the customer-facing screen is not affected by scratches or contamination. Also, the products can be easily sealed for resistance to dirt, dust and moisture, making them ideal for demanding public environments.

Scaleable and Versatile
NextWindow's technology is scaleable in size from 12" to 120" and caters for a wide range of applications.

Additional Functionality
Provides multi-touch capability and object size recognition. Diagnostic utilities available.

Low Cost to Manufacturers
NextWindow's innovative optical imaging technology can be economically integrated into manufacturers' display products. Contact NextWindow to discuss partnering opportunities.


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