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Whispering Windows turns the surface of a store window into a massive sound radiator. 'The retail sector has been looking for a way that allows people to hear as well as see products, so Whispering Windows is precisely what we have been waiting for.

How it works...

Whispering WindowsTM technology transforms windows into audio-delivering sales and marketing message devices. So you can use audio messages through Whispering Windows to pull in customers who may otherwise walk past your store or to direct customers in one area of your store to another. It's a real traffic-builder.

Benefits to using Whispering Windows.

Using a small attachable device, Whispering Windows emits music or messages through a window, creating a unique way to deliver sales and marketing messages throughout your store.

Unlike regular speakers, using Whispering Windows won't obstruct the view into your store. And because the sound is evenly distributed throughout the surface, you won't have to crank it up to annoying levels - customers will be able to hear your messages while still being able to carry on a conversation and have a pleasant shopping experience. Whispering Windows sound is passive but it provides an aggressive marketing tool.

Whispering Windows sound drivers are small and unobtrusive. Utilizing a patented process, two transducers easily bond to any glass pane and attach to an included amplifier, which can work from any sound source. The transducers - chrome finished and the size of a hockey puck - go unnoticed and are easily hidden with minimal décor. By using a "smart metal" the transducers literally turn windows into speakers and let you turn your windows into powerful marketing tools.

Whispering Windows can be added to any in-store marketing program to increase customer traffic, direct in-store flow and deliver timely sales and marketing messages.

Why Use It?

Whispering Windows enhances the shopping experience, increases traffic flow and can become part of your in-store sales and marketing programs -- unlike traditional speakers, which are intrusive, unattractive and do not integrate with your in-store sales and marketing programs. Contact Whispering Windows S.A. to find out how Whispering Windows can be added to your sales and marketing programs.

Imagine developing an in-store campaign using audio to direct shoppers to a specific sale item, introduce the benefits of a new product, or build brand awareness. Instead of using sound as just a filler or background noise, Whispering Windows evenly distributes sound across any solid surface and can be tied into any marketing program.

  • Use Whispering Windows to:
  • Build brand and image awareness
  • Drive traffic into your store or restaurant
  • Accompany signage or other visual elements
  • Increase sales of a specific item or area within your location


Measure the Difference...

A third party consultant, UK-based Retail Marketing Services, videotaped a window which had a Whispering Windows system installed, and the reactions of passersby to this new technology. The tape dramatically showed the difference in consumers' reactions to the window as it was playing music vs. traditional, non-audio displays. The results were amazing!

Whispering Windows is small, easily hidden -- about the size of a hockey puck -- and can be used on any solid surfaces such as:

  • Windows
  • Endcaps
  • Mannequins
  • Shelves
  • Walls

Whispering Windows can also be used outside as it is weather and tamper resistant and can even automatically adjusts its volume according to the level of nearby background noise

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